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IBM MaaS360 with Watson, A Cognitive Approach to Unified Endpoint Management

MaaS360 with Watson allows IT and Security leaders to approach UEM differently

Unified Endpoint Management affords you the opportunity to put your expensive and ineffective multi-solution dependencies behind you.

While UEM is valuable, it is just another tool. A better tool, but a tool nonetheless. UEM needs something else to make it invaluable.

When used in combination with cognitive insights and analytics, UEM delivers unprecedented capabilities, giving IT and security leaders the power to see:

  • What happened;
  • What can happen; and
  • What should be done.

Listen to this on-demand webinar to learn how MaaS360 with Watson™ provides IT leaders a trusted advisor that keys in on your day-to-day challenges, affording the time and efficiency that is absent, but needed, to transform your business with your endpoints.

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