An Inside-Out Approach to Data Security: Linking Behavioral and Security Analytics to Protect Your Sensitive Data

December 8, 2016 from 02:00 PM – 03:00 PM EST

In today’s IT security environment, the inside out approach to data security is the only solution that links data movement with user behaviors for complete data protection.  According to the Ponemon Institute, 78% of employees pose critical threats to your security.  Whether they are disgruntled or simply make a mistake, your employee “insiders” regularly put your most confidential data at risk every day.

In this webcast we will discuss how real-time security intelligence is used to warn you if users have been hijacked, gone rogue, or are just making mistakes.  You will see how policy-driven risk scoring through security and behavioral analytics can identify your riskiest users and can protect your critical data.  Furthermore, as 56% of organizations’ tools yield too many false positives, we will address how the excess noise of alert overloads can be diminished allowing you the mitigate risk while easing the burden on IT staffs.

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Robert Slocum

Director, Data Security & Insider Threat Strategies

Anatoly Bodner

Associate Partner, IBM Data & Application Security Services

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