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You’ve Had a Data Breach! Lessons Learned From a CISO

Join Fran Malloy, IBM Security Technical Sales Management and former CISO of a Fortune 500 company, as he shares an authentic and candid firsthand experience of surviving a highly public breach. Understand what you have to consider and even how human nature factors into the day-to-day handling of a breach.

Take this opportunity to learn what Fran wishes he knew before going through this experience and hear what the reality of a breach looks like, especially if you are dealing with customer credit cards.

Fran will share how he and his organization:

  • Discovered the breach;
  • Underwent the forensic investigation;
  • Determined scope and time frame;
  • Developed the containment process;
  • Met communication expectations (e.g., legal, customers, employees, management, PR/media); and
  • Navigated the layout of fines and fees faced as pertained to this breach.

Walk away with lessons learned and a few key actions you can implement to equip yourself with the foresight and confidence needed during a breach.

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