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Announcing IBM MaaS360 with Watson: Business Dashboards for Apps & Cognitive Policy Recommendation Engine

The App Gap: When it comes to app deployments, it’s a struggle to know which enterprise apps are being used and whether they’re delivering a return on investment. IT teams are forgoing making informed decisions because they have limited visibility into useful information. They may be investing in all the apps equally but in actuality, one app needs more investments and more resources—or another needs to be decommissioned.

Learn how app intelligence and reporting can show you:

  • Installs: by platform, manufacturer, and ownership
  • Usage: installs, popularity, and session length
  • Trends: crashes, network requests, and data usage

Get It, Don’t Guess It: If your IT team is like most, it relies heavily on internal collaboration to decide what goes into its policies. There may be templates at your disposal, however, these one-size-fits-all guides aren’t geared towards your organization and its individual needs. There’s no clear-cut way to discern what peers are doing, and whether there are better methods and approaches you should be following.

Learn how a policy recommendation engine can enable:

  • Cognitive templates based on community usage
  • Benchmarks based upon industry, region, and deployment size

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