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Are You Doing Enough to Build Insider Trust in Your Organization?

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Data has been called the new oil of today’s global economy. Protecting this data from theft or inappropriate access has become increasingly complex, more so given the fact that in many cases, the threat originates from the inside. Employees have legitimate access to valuable data in the normal course of their jobs making it almost impossible to detect malicious acts.  Any clues of wrongdoing they do leave behind often fall through the cracks because security products work in siloes.

An integrated approach is the need of the day. First you need to identify the crown jewels, where this data is located, how it is accessed, and by whom. Then, you need to protect your critical information with appropriate access controls and user governance for all your privileged users including infrastructure level administrators and executives. Lastly, you need to detect suspicious activity by analyzing user behavior to stop bad actors before they can cause any damage.

In this on-demand webinar we will take you through various scenarios which explain how you can integrate your security solutions to better protect yourself from insider threats.

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Rahul Agarwal

IBM Security Services - Portfolio Marketing

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Ola Sergatchov

Portfolio Director - IBM Security Identity and Access Management

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Director of IBM Solution Sales

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