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Are You Ready to Boost Employee Productivity? Top 3 Ways Access Security Can Help

Whether it is through a fresh approach to goal-setting, providing unlimited vacations or creating a more relaxed work environment, organizations aim to boost their employee productivity in different ways.

These popular new tactics can help their purpose but when it comes to truly enabling the workforce in a way that directly boosts employee productivity, organizations know there is one essential factor: Providing users with the tools they need to do their jobs.

As IT professionals, we aim to ensure the right tools are in place to support the business while also considering the security repercussions of enabling them. Common security questions we often face when deploying new technologies, include:

  • “How do I safely connect this tool into my network?”
  • “Who should have access to this new software?”
  • “Do we have strong mobile access control over this application?”
  • “How do I ensure appropriate user authentication?”

In today’s modern and ever-complex environments, access security can help secure the digital transformation in order to provide employees the tools they need without creating additional risk to the organization.

On March 13th, join us in a webinar where IBM’s Brian Mulligan discusses with Forrester the three ways access security can help boost employee productivity.

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Brian Mulligan

Offering Manager - IBM Security Access and Directory


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Senior Analyst Serving Security & Risk Professionals