Are Your Customers Protected? FBI Warns of a Global Attack Against Banks and ATMs

September 27, 2018 from 01:00 PM – 02:00 PM EDT

A new ATM fraud scheme has surfaced, and it’s more sophisticated than those of the past. Until now, criminals have typically compromised ATMs using physical methods. For example, they have planted skimmers on the card insert slots or installed hardware that manipulates the machine to spit out money.

This newly discovered “cash-out” attack is mainly virtual. It is also twofold, with criminals compromising the front and back ends of the ATM infrastructure, to the point where they could potentially drain a customer’s entire account.

So what can banks and other ATM operators do to protect themselves? Join this webinar featuring X-Force Red’s ATM hacking specialists to learn more about the how the ATM fraud scheme works, and what you should be doing now to avoid becoming a victim.

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Charles Henderson

Global Head of X-Force Red

David Byrne

Senior Managing Consultant, X-Force Red