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Identity Governance: Don’t Get Fooled Again

According to recent market surveys, Identity & Access Management (IAM) is changing again. Cybersecurity and a rapidly advancing technology environment are the driving forces behind the change. 63% of the organizations are expected to change their IAM infrastructures in the next 2 years, and 94% of the IAM budgets are increasing or staying the same in 2017.

For some organizations, re-building their IAM infrastructure is an option. For most, coexistence with the past is necessary. However, for everybody, it is vital to select technology partners who won’t fade away in the coming years.

Identity management is a critical practice that has been around for decades. Automation of processes like provisioning, workflow, and password management changed the way organizations tackle user lifecycle challenges. Identity Management made the IT department’s lives easier while also helping to create a more secure and compliant environment. Unfortunately, with the ever-changing world of IAM, Identity Management alone is no longer enough, and Identity Governance has become equally critical.

Attend this webinar and IBM will explain how Identity Governance and Administration can help your organization in this critical evolutionary journey.

Featured Speakers

Andrea Rossi

Global Sales Leader - Identity Governance


Matt Ward

Identity Governance Product Line Manager


Matt Cass

Associate Partner

IBM Security