Challenges and Solutions to Securing Applications By Design

August 23, 2018 from 01:00 PM – 02:00 PM EDT

Did you know that you could reduce the costs of remediating application security defects by 75{30bfbf8d9f2833f0337133e196b4dc87825dfb7d33a3602d05ee876ecd6f1178} or more by simply shifting and re-prioritizing key Software Development Lifecycle processes?

Applications have become among the most targeted of enterprise assets, and yet a disturbingly large percentage of them go live with significant vulnerabilities and weaknesses due to time and budget limitations.  When done correctly, secure application design and development not only reduces enterprise risk, but also helps eliminate costs and extended delays of traditional security testing and defect management.

Join Anatoly Bodner, IBM’s leader for Application Security Services, as he recaps the current state of enterprise application security and further explains some of the essentials of enterprise application security program capabilities and processes.


Anatoly Bodner

Associate Partner - Data & Application Security Services