Chasing Down RATs – Combatting Account Takeover Fraud at the Age of Remote Access Trojans

April 21, 2015 from 02:00 PM – 03:00 PM UTC

Recent months have seen significant innovation by cybercriminals in performing banking fraud. A combination of new tools and tactics have challenged traditional fraud controls.

In this live webinar, Ori Bach, IBM Security Trusteer Senior Security Strategist will review some of the latest threats and how they can best be mitigated:

  • Use of RATs (Remote Access Trojans) – How RATs bypass security measures such as second factor authentication and device identification
  • RATs for sale – Intel from the cybercrime underground on latest RAT toolkits
  • The effects of data breaches – With millions of compromised records for sale, cybercriminals can easily use stolen data to gain access to victims accounts
  • Latest tactics in obfuscation and evasion tactics – Best practices and case studies on successful combats with the latest generation of account takeover fraud
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