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Cloud App Secrets Revealed, They’re Not All Nice

Delivering expansive security research and threat mitigation technology, the IBM X-Force team tirelessly monitors global threats and understands the latest exploit techniques to keep you abreast of the current global threat level. With cloud applications so easily accessible for employees, understanding the potential threats is critical to your keeping your defenses strong.

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IBM Cloud Security Enforcer helps you to discover all cloud application usage within your organization – both those that you know and “shadow IT.” By integrating IBM X-Force threat analysis in reputation scoring and application categorization into, IBM Cloud Security Enforcer provides dynamic threat intelligence that helps mitigate risk associated with using cloud applications. In this webcast we will cover:

  • Discovering cloud apps and uncovering shadow IT
  • The IBM X-Force research team
  • How X-Force threat intelligence is collected and used
  • IBM X-Force and Cloud Security Enforcer integration

Pamela Cobb

Portfolio Marketing Manager, IBM X-Force
IBM Security



Mark Campbell
Cloud Security Portfolio Manager
IBM Security