Criminal or Bank Teller: Who is Robbing You Blind?

May 19, 2016 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

Once upon a time, a bad guy would walk into a bank, approach the teller, and say ‘This is a holdup. Give me all your money!” At that point, you knew who the robber was and that you were being robbed. Today, it’s much more difficult to tell who’s robbing you (could it be the teller?) or that you are being robbed.

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In these days of the silent holdup, businesses are left scratching their heads wondering if something bad just happened and whether their sensitive data is safe. Data security should be a key part of identifying insider threats, reducing risk to your sensitive data, and helping you re-write the script for a happy ending.

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  • Why you need to know your users – and your data
  • How data security with analytics, predictive insight and agility can help
  • How an integrated environment can make your organization more efficient and more effective

Leslie Wiggins
Portfolio Marketing Manager – IBM Security Guardium
IBM Security


 Dan Goodes
Data Security Technical Manager
IBM Security