Detect and Respond to Threats Better with IBM Security App Exchange Partners

November 8, 2016 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST

Since its launch a year ago, the IBM Security App Exchange has added over 60 apps to help extend the value of security solutions. In this on-demand webinar, meet three developers of the newest apps that help detect and respond to threats across networks and endpoints to improve security decision making and speed investigations.

Prevoty Runtime Application and Data Visibility for IBM QRadar provides real-time insights into application attacks, including the OWASP Top 10, data exfiltration and fraudulent behavior. Prevoty’s solution is installed directly within an application and travels wherever it is deployed, in the cloud or on-premises. By using Prevoty, enterprises have unprecedented visibility and correlation across network, application and database activity.

Niara User and Entity Behavior Analysis for IBM QRadar reduces alert white noise and accelerates SOC attack response by utilizing QRadar data to provide a new dimension of analytics enabled by over 100 rule-less Machine Learning models designed to detect attacks that have evaded real time defenses while providing detailed forensic visibility.

Check Point Software SmartView for IBM QRadar consolidates monitoring, logging, reporting and event analysis into a single console to bring you comprehensive, easy-to-understand threat visibility to enable your security team to focus their efforts on the critical threats for forensic analysis within a unified console.

View this webinar hosted by Russ Warren, IBM Security Intelligence Program Manager, to hear more about these apps and how they extend the power of IBM QRadar SIEM, and how you can develop your own apps.

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Co-founder/CTO of Prevoty



VP Product Management 



IBM Global Account Manager