Do You Speak Risk? Bring Data Security to the C-Suite

December 6, 2017 from 04:00 PM – 05:00 PM UTC

You receive overwhelming amounts of data security metrics from your various point solutions. But your business risk managers and members of the C-suite don’t speak that language. To reach them, you need to translate all of this disconnected, technical information into an end-to-end view of your security posture, using the terminology of information risk and in the context of your organization’s business processes.

IBM is introducing Data Risk Manager, an integration platform that helps build a bridge between security and the C-suite. By integrating with IBM Guardium, Data Risk Manager provides to executives and their teams a business-consumable data risk control center, helping to uncover, analyze and visualize data-related business risks so they can take action to help protect their business.

Join the Data Security specialists at IBM, Nev Zunic, Global Data Security Services Leader and Nagendra Pattavardhanam, Product Manager, as they discuss how you can identify and help stop potential risks to sensitive business data that may impact business processes, operations & competitive position:

  • Identify specific, high-value business-sensitive information assets that are at risk from internal and external threats
  • Provide early visibility into potential risks that may affect data and processes
  • Convey meaning and value to executives with a business-consumable data risk control center

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Nev Zunic

IBM Distinguished Engineer, Global Data Security Leader

Nagendra Pattavardhanam

Product Manager - iDNA

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