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Don’t Let GDPR Blow You Away: 5 Tips to Help you Set Sail

Business folks and European Union (EU) residents alike are counting down the days until the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in May 2018. Organizations worldwide are discovering that it’s not just EU-based businesses that are impacted by this regulation. Any business that holds personal data on EU ‘Data Subjects’ are affected! With that realization, additional scrambling has ensued.

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Whether based inside or outside the EU, most businesses don’t understand how to get started or deal with the GRPR-related obligations, which gives people power over their own data and requires business to actively manage, secure, and govern data throughout its life-cycle. Just like planning for a sailboat journey, you need to prepare. There’s no time to waste – get started now, before any more days slip by.

View this webcast to get focused and:

  • Get started on the path to ‘know your data’, which is a key prerequisite to moving forward.
  • Learn how to navigate knowing your data and then protecting personal data can help you with your GDPR obligations.
  • Get pointed in the right direction with our 5 top tips to help you smoothly sail as you get ready for GDPR.

Cindy Compert

Cybersecurity Leader, U.S. Public Sector Markets- CTO Data Privacy & Security

IBM Security