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FS-ISAC Expert Webinar Series – Cloud Security for the Financial Services Sector: Standards & Best Practices

Reports of compromises of cloud servers discussed on FS-ISAC sharing lists bring questions on how to secure and monitor your environment when using a third-party cloud provider. In today’s competitive financial services environment, consumers have growing demands that result in public, private or hybrid cloud solutions being introduced by FS-ISAC member organizations.

This Expert Webinar Series session, moderated by FS-ISAC, features a panel of subject matter experts who will present financial services specific case studies to focus on cloud security standards that can be developed and best practices that can be leveraged to address:

  • The growing need for a global standard for cloud servers affecting the financial sector.
  • Challenges around cloud security regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Frameworks and controls required to implement cloud security and technology concerns such as endpoint encryption and data privacy.
  • The unique set of challenges facing financial services firms and what needs to be considered when thinking of the cloud.
  • Risks that can occur during cloud deployments, success criteria and how to mitigate risks as cloud adoption grows.

Michael Mazza, Cloud Governance Lead | Morgan Stanley
Gary Meshell, WW Leader Financial Services Security Leader | IBM
Carl Rogers, Solutions Engineer | BitGlass

Ali N. Khan – FS-ISAC
Rick Lacafta – FS-ISAC

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