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Get a ‘Home Court’ Advantage to Protect Your Applications

Sophisticated threats continue to rise in numbers and scale, generating more security alerts than organizations can feasibly respond to with their limited time and resources. With the rapid adoption of hybrid cloud solutions, there are now even more gaps in end-to-end visibility and control of the network.

In this webinar, guest speaker Joseph Blankenship, Principal Analyst at Forrester, will discuss device, network and workload security along with visibility and analytics; key components of Forrester’s Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) framework. 

Learn from VMware about how integration of its AppDefense with IBM QRadar enables security analysts to understand threats with high fidelity application context — truly enabling a ‘home court’ advantage to tackle cyber threats.

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Featured Speakers

Jim Brennan

VP of Product Management

IBM Security

Tom Corn

SVP, Security


Chris Coburn

Technical Specialist


Joseph Blankenship

Principal Analyst, Serving Security and Risk Professionals