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In today’s hyper-connected world, a strategic relationship between Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and their boards of directors is critical. It enables organizations to better prevent, respond to and recover from incidents and helps mitigate cyber-risks. Board members and security leaders tend to approach security from their own vantage points. Building a strategic partnership, however, requires aligning their viewpoints to determine the best way to support the overall organization. Our research revealed a group of security leaders who have successfully built supportive, trusting and communicative partnerships with their boards, enabling a clear focus on the greater needs of the business.

Join us as David Jarvis, Security & CIO Lead for the IBM Institute of Business Value, and Diana Kelley, Global Executive Security Advisor in IBM Security, discuss findings from the 2017 cybersecurity study, “Getting more out of your relationship: How boards and CISOs can secure a strategic partnership.”

This webinar covers an overview of the study findings, including:

  • Whether boards are supportive of their security leaders and are providing them enough time and resources
  • Whether security leaders are providing their boards enough education and expertise
  • What benefits and barriers exist to forming a strong partnership
  • What kinds of frameworks, tools and communication methods are being used to manage cyber-risk
  • What security leaders who have enabled strategic partnerships with their boards are doing to help increase their value to the business
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Diana Kelley

Global Executive Security Advisor, IBM Security

IBM Security

David Jarvis

Security & CIO Lead, IBM Institute for Business Value

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