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Guardium Tech Talk: 10.1.3 Enhancements for Mainframe Data Protection

As part of a comprehensive data protection strategy for the mainframe, IBM Security Guardium for z/OS provides detailed, granular, real-time activity monitoring capabilities as well as real-time alerting, out-of-the-box compliance reporting and much more. The newest release, 10.1.3, performance improvements to help keep your costs and overhead down while providing additional data protection enhancements to help protect your most critical data.

This tech talk provides a comprehensive technical overview of recent enhancements in all three Guardium S-TAPs for z/OS:

  • Why activity monitoring is still essential, even if when z14 pervasive encryption is used
  • Enhancements in Db2 for z/OS S-TAP, including real time blocking
  • Enhancements in IMS S-TAP
  • Enhancements in Data Sets S-TAP
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