Guardium Tech Talk: 4 Reasons to Love the New Guardium Data Encryption

October 3, 2017 from 12:00 PM – 01:00 PM UTC

Learn more about why people are excited over the encryption capabilities in Guardium Data Encryption v3.0.  You need more than a  one-size-fits all approach to encryption, and  Guardium Data Encryption is outfitted with many new features to help address a wide variety of encryption needs. Join this “don’t miss” tech talk to learn more about these capabilities and the encryption scenarios they support, including:

  • Tokenization
  • Application encryption
  • Teradata encryption
  •  Live data transformation (encryption of data without requiring that you create a copy first)

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Rick Robinson

WW Offering Manager for Encryption and Key Management, Data Security

Dan Goodes

WW Data Security Technical Leader