Guardium Tech Talk: Encrypting Your Object Store Data Without Giving Your Keys to the CSP

June 28, 2018 from 01:00 PM – 02:00 PM EDT

In recent years we’ve seen the benefit of low-cost object stores offered by cloud service providers (CSPs). CSPs claim that their environments are secure, and, in some cases, the data is protected through encryption – but how do you know?

CSPs offer extremely-high redundancy, but what happens if you cannot access the CSP at all?  Or, if you want to move your data out of that CSP’s environment entirely?

In this Tech Talk you’ll learn about how IBM Multi-Cloud Data Encryption V2.2 allows you to:

  • Store your data in object stores of any cloud, encrypted under keys that ONLY you control, and
  • Easily move data between or out of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) at your leisure.
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Rick Robinson

WW Offering Manager for Encryption and Key Management, Data Security

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