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Guardium Tech Talk: Technical Overview and Health Care Use Case for IBM Multi-Cloud Data Encryption

Data is moving to the cloud. But with this move we lose the ability to control access to our data in the same way we have been able to control it when it was all on-prem. Regardless, we are still responsible and accountable for the security of our data. Not only do existing rules apply, such as HIPAA and PCI, the stakes are even higher now as a result of the pending enforcement of GDPR.

In this tech talk, our speakers will use a use health care use case to demonstrate how to protect PHI and PII data in the cloud using encryption. This talk will include topics such as:

  • Why data encryption for the cloud is critical;
  • Considerations for cloud cryptographic erasure;
  • Health care deployment scenario and demonstration.

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Featured Speakers

Rick Robinson

WW Offering Manager for Encryption and Key Management, Data Security

IBM Security