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Help Your Executives Proactively Address Data-Related Business Risks

An organization’s sensitive business information assets consist of customer information, intellectual property, employee information, merger and acquisition plans, financial information, sales strategy and much more. These information assets are necessary, and used by business processes across the organization that rely on their availability and integrity to complete their operations. In some cases, these assets are the basis for competitive differentiation and provide a market advantage.

Gaining an understanding of the types of sensitive assets, their value to the organization, how they are protected and what compliance requirements apply to the information are fundamental in order to make strategic decisions and apply appropriate controls.

Critical data protection is no longer just an IT security issue — it has quickly become a board issue! Are your line-of-business (LOB) owners and executives aware of the risk that their critical data may be in? Can they answer questions such as: which LOBs carry the greatest risk, what sensitive data is at risk, how valuable is the at-risk data, who are the data owners, which users are putting data at risk and more?

Join our expert speakers as they talk about how executives and business managers need to proactively address data-related business risk and use an integrated solution to:

  • Gain early visibility into potential risks that may affect sensitive business information assets and processes and associated risk posture.
  • Identify measures to be taken to avoid potential impacts and avoid losses.
  • Identify specific and high-value business sensitive information assets that are at risk due to identified exposures or malicious activity.

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Featured Speakers

David Monahan

Research Director, Security and Risk Management

Enterprise Management Associates

Nev Zunic

IBM Distinguished Engineer, Global Data Security Leader

IBM Security

Raghu Varadan


Agile 3 Solutions, an IBM Company