How Collaboration (or Lack Thereof) Affects Your Endpoints

June 7, 2018 from 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM UTC

IBM BigFix: Offering Deep Defense for Endpoints

Managing and securing endpoints is a complex job with many moving parts. IT operations and security teams are responsible for different, yet interdependent actions – and both require the success of the other. Complicating this? Non-integrated tools from multiple vendors, increased complexity, lack of access to shared data, and IT budget restrictions.

Collaboration begins with using common, integrated tools and sharing information. Toward this goal, IBM BigFix is expanding our ecosystem with application integrations that now include third-party solutions.

Attend this webinar to hear:

  • How the BigFix ecosystem works and how your business can take advantage of it
  • Specific use cases regarding BigFix integrations with IBM QRadar, IBM Resilient, ForeScout and Carbon Black

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Aram Eblighatian

Senior Product Manager - IBM BigFix

Teresa Worth

Worldwide Portfolio Marketing Manager for Endpoint Security