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How DeliverFund is Using i2 and the Target Centric Analysis Method to Fight Human Trafficking

Threat Hunting on the Front Lines is a new webinar series hosted by IBM i2 that takes you into the trenches with threat hunters on the blurring battlefield of physical and cyberspace. Join us for a discussion with veteran threat hunter Nic McKinley as he shares his methodology for hunting human traffickers on the front lines across physical and cyberspace.

As an Operative who served as a Country Chief for a Special Unit within the CIA, Nic witnessed not only the epidemic of child trafficking, but also the unrealized opportunity to apply his understanding and training to influence this global crisis. As Nic began to work with experts to better understand the problem in the United States, he found it impossible not to take action. As a result, along with former colleagues from the CIA and Special Operations Forces, he formed DeliverFund, a private, non-profit Intelligence organization that supports Law Enforcement’s fight against slavery. Prior to joining the CIA, Nic spent 11 years in US Special Operations as an Air Force Pararescueman. Due to his highly specialized education, training and experience, Nic has a firm understanding about these illicit slave markets and is using that training and education to create scalable solutions to effectively combat them.

Attend this webinar to learn more about:

  • The human trafficking problem and it’s social impact
  • How DeliverFund’s Platform for the Analysis of Human Traffickers (PATH) and Hunt, Analyze, Locate and Track (HALT) methodology are being leveraged in the fight
  • How the DeliverFund Intelligence and Targeting Cycle puts the bad guys in the cross-hairs
  • How the DeliverFund Witness Facilitation Cycle helps put the bad guys behind bars

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