How Incident Response Can Save Your Business

October 2, 2018 from 01:30 PM – 02:30 PM UTC

With so many recent high-profile breaches accomplished in the last few years, most would think that incident response management would be everyone’s priority. Despite increasing concerns over breaches, nearly 75% of companies do not have a formal incident response process plan in place. Earlier this year, the network and information systems (NIS) Directive was established in Europe to set minimum standards for cybersecurity preparedness and  improve cooperation between EU member states with respect to cyberattacks.

Even with growing threat occurring at a rampant pace, awareness and knowledge of cyber security is still lacking…

  • 51% of EU citizens feel uninformed  about cyber threats
  • 69% of EU companies have no basic understanding of their exposure to cyber risks.

But where do you start? And how do you know which incident response plan will work best to protect your enterprise? Join X-Force IRIS lead Andy Settles to learn about some incident response practices that have been used for clients in Europe and how they can help get you quickly up to speed on:

  • Best practices for evaluating your current incident response practices and where to start
  • Lessons learned from high profile breaches in Europe and how it can save you money
  • Proactive steps you can take to avoid damaging losses to your enterprise

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Andy Settle

European Operations Lead, Incident Response & Proactive Service

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