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How to Build a Faster, Laser-Sharp SOC with Intelligent Orchestration

To keep pace with cyberattacks, organizations have long sought ways to operationalize security and respond faster to threats. But with increasingly complex IT environments and a growing skills shortage, doing so is easier said than done.

That’s where Intelligent Orchestration can help. Intelligent Orchestration integrates your existing security tools and guides SOC analysts through a fast and laser-focused response by combining case management, human and cyber intelligence, and incident response orchestration and automation.

Join our experts, Mike Rothman, Analyst & President of Securosis, and Ted Julian, VP of Product Management and Co-Founder of IBM Resilient, for this webinar, and learn

  • How Intelligent Orchestration empowers organizations to overcome the top challenges they face today.
  • Strategies for deploying Intelligent Orchestration and maximizing the effectiveness of their existing security tools and employees.
  • Real-world examples of guided response scenarios with Intelligent Orchestration.
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Mike Rothman

Analyst & President


Ted Julian

VP of Product Management & Co-Founder

IBM Resilient