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How to Keep Up With the Ever-Changing Compliance Landscape in Financial Services

In a landscape of ever-shifting compliance requirements and regulator one-upmanship, how do you keep up?   As your organization moves to hybrid cloud utilization, how do you monitor the shared responsibility calculus with the CSPs?

The answer today may be staffing dedicated resources to identify compliance gaps or risk paying hefty fines for unaddressed regulations. In this discussion, you will learn about the IBM managed service that simplifies the path to continuous compliance with an industry-standard framework monitored by our experts and Watson technology.

Join Mike Mazza, Morgan Stanley Executive Director, Tim Roberts, IBM VP of Security Strategy in Risk & Compliance, and Gary Meshell, IBM Global Sales and Business Development Lead as they discuss the emerging compliance trends and challenges, and how IBM can help to address them and improve your overall security posture.

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Featured Speakers

Tim Roberts

VP of Security Strategy in Risk & Compliance

IBM Security

Gary Meshell

Global Sales and Business Development Leader Security Offerings Financial Services Industry

IBM Security

Michael Mazza

Executive Director

Morgan Stanley