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How to Sense & Act On Cyberthreats With the Most Advanced Security Analytics Platform

Cybercriminals spend as much time breaking into your enterprise as you do growing your business.  You can’t risk having critical insight lost in a mountain of raw data; you need a solution to help you “sense” malicious activities and take preventative action.

In this on-demand webinar, our experts will explain the increasing role of analytics in breach detection activities and how IBM Security QRadar’s advanced analytics platform can help you:

  • Transform cryptic, raw security data into evidence of adversary actions throughout the attack chain
  • Collect, process and understand security data from every enterprise device, application and user–in hours or days, not years
  • Speed through investigations and use integrated threat intelligence to limit the downside of an inevitable breach

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Sandy Bird

IBM Fellow, CTO
IBM Security



Jay Bretzmann
Portfolio Marketing
IBM Security