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IBM MaaS360 and Pradeo Security: A Unified Solution to Manage and Secure Mobile Devices

Managing and securing mobile devices, users and data is a time-consuming task when it involves using several independent and conventional solutions. In light of this challenge, IBM and Pradeo joined forces to develop a solution that would ensure a seamless management of mobility and security in a one-stop shop.

The cognitive unified endpoint management (UEM) approach of IBM MaaS360 consolidates the management of smartphones, tablets and IoT devices along with their data and applications, while Pradeo Security fully protects them with a precise and advanced security technology (mobile threat defense).

In a context where mobile threats are increasingly sophisticated and numerous, mobile security has to be automated and auto-adaptive to its environment to provide fast, appropriate and proactive threat management. The integration of Pradeo Security within IBM MaaS360 combines real-time analysis and machine learning to efficiently protect mobile endpoints directly from IBM MaaS360.

Discover in this webinar how you can monitor threats and automate compliance to maximize security without compromising the user experience, using IBM MaaS360 and Pradeo Security’s comprehensive solution.

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