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Identify Malware in Minutes with a Scalable Cloud Solution

A data breach from malware happens fast — just minutes in most cases — and once systems have been compromised, the malware’s dirty work can go on for months. With an average of 229 days simply to discover a compromise, its more important than ever to shrink the margin of time between identifying malicious code and the speed at which it executes on your network. In this webinar, learn more about how a scalable, cloud- based malware analysis architecture can help automate suspicious file investigation so you and your security analyss can act faster and remediate before malicious software exfilitrates or corrupts your valuable business information.

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Join the webinar to learn:

  • How to identify malware in two clicks of the mouse, with results in minutes, rather than the days that conventional solutions require
  • How to take advantage of a scalable deployment for rapid and accurate security insights
  • What you should have in place to take advantage of automatic file inspection


Featured Speakers

Paul Griswold

Program Director of Strategy & Offering Management

IBM Security