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Insider Threats & Machine Learning: Get the Most Out of Your QRadar User Behavior Analytics App

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IBM QRadar customers have some of the most powerful technology at their fingertips to protect their organizations from threats and cybersecurity attacks. One piece of this solution is the QRadar User Behavior Analytics (UBA) App, which transforms existing QRadar data into a rank order of risky users based on their most recent  activities. But with all this functionality, it’s easy to settle for just scratching the surface and miss out on some key benefits the technology offers. .

Join this webinar to explore ways to get the most out of your UBA App:

  • Leverage the New Machine Learning Algorithms: better detect temporal anomalies, multi-dimensional anomalies in users’ behavior and time series anomalies in order to fine-tune the detection of anomalous user behaviors.
  • Focus on Insider Threats: reduce your exposure to insider threats by leveraging your UBA tools in the context of an integrated insider threat program.  This will allow you to better protect your data and govern your users, as well as more accurately detect suspicious user activity.  Learn how data security and Identity and Access Management capabilities can better inform your security intelligence platform to help you more effectively detect these threats.
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Johnny Shin

Executive Consultant Identity & Access Management Architecture & Program Delivery

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