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Is Your DNS a Friend or Foe?

The internet today can be a tricky place. Even during the times that you think you are going to a perfectly normal site, you could be browsing on a page owned by a malicious actor that wants to infect your computer with malware. Learn from experts on DNS security, and hear how these malicious actors are trying to fool you into visiting harmful websites, how they are using their harmful tactics for malware communication, and how DNS can actually prove to be more unsecure than you think.

Tune in to this exclusive IBM Security webinar to learn:

  •  How malicious insiders can manipulate the Domain Name System to comprise your overall security
  • How IBM X-Force can help you maneuver through the web and arm you with the best threat intelligence
  • How you can work to keep you and your company’s best kept secrets safe
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Featured Speakers

Andrii Iesiev

Product Architect, Identity Kinetics & Threat Analytics

IBM Security

Sam Dillingham

Senior Product Manager Threat Protection System

IBM Security