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Let IBM BigFix Detect Take You Beyond “Next Gen” Endpoint Security

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There are some tools out there that can spot and react to malicious behavior on endpoints. But in most cases, they carry with them a number of critical weaknesses that can leave you vulnerable to costly and damaging attacks. Many of today’s tools don’t help you fully investigate attacks within the broader context of your specific environment, or help to decide upon precise remediation actions that can then be quickly implemented across your entire enterprise.

BigFix Detect delivers a whole new level of endpoint security by addressing these critical gaps in today’s endpoint security tools. Simply put, you can see your endpoint landscape clearly, understand threats completely and within context, and then act with precision to stop bad guys in their tracks.

Join us to learn how you can:
•   Discover and audit all your endpoints and detect malicious behavior in context
•   Investigate attacks and decide how to contain and remediate them with blazing speed
•   Roll out precise update packages and patches required to prevent attacks and reduce your overall attack surface

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George Mina

Program Director - Watson for Cyber Security, Endpoint & Mobile Security

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