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Low-touch, No-touch Deployments for PC and Mac

Are you still deploying corporate devices the way they did it in the 90s? The traditional method for deploying thousands of laptops is manual and antiquated.

It’s time to get in on the good stuff: a low-touch, no-touch process for PC and Mac deployments. Now you can literally roll out an entire fleet of laptops and desktops without touching a single device.

Join our webinar to get more familiarized with the approach and begin streamlining your device deployments:

• Pre-configure your laptop and desktop policies, regardless of operating system

• Drop-ship macOS and Windows 10 devices

• Deliver instant-on access to corporate data, apps, content and resources

• Save time & cut costs through a self-service end-user experience

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Chuck Brown

UEM Offering Manager, IBM MaaS360

IBM Security

Dan Cheuvront

MaaS360 Product Marketing Professional

IBM Security