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Malware Analysis in Minutes: Combatting Sophisticated Malware

What is a security analyst to do with malware that has evolved into a multi-layered, multi-stage attack vector that can penetrate defenses and evade detection? Security teams don’t have time to waste running down rabbit holes when it comes to investigating potential malware.

Join IBM Executive Security Advisor Etay Maor to learn more about the sophisticated techniques hackers use to evade detection and infiltrate your network — and what you can do to detect these threats.

Once heralded as the ultimate solution to identify malicious code, traditional on-premise malware sandboxes no longer meet the needs of today’s distributed networks as both the user environment and the malware itself has gotten more sophisticated. With anti-evasion and obfuscation techniques in play, you need a malware analysis solution that employs multi-layered analysis techniques — without compromising the speed of investigation.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The tricky behaviors of mutating malware
  • How anti-evasion and obfuscation techniques work
  • What a sandbox solution needs to combat sophisticated evasion techniques

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Etay Maor

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