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No Place to Hide: Using Network Visibility to Detect Well-Hidden Threats

Attackers today are highly skilled, and they know how to stay hidden. From quickly deleting log history to cover their tracks to stealing employees’ credentials to appear as insiders, cybercriminals are well-versed in evading traditional security defenses. However, despite their best guises, they can’t hide their network footprints. To detect advanced and targeted attackers, you need to look at more than logs alone. Learn how IBM QRadar enriches log data with real-time packet inspection and user and entity behavior analytics to uncover even the best-hidden threats.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Common tricks attackers use to evade detection;
  • Defensive approaches you can take to improve your time-to-detection; and
  • How deep network visibility and historical analysis can help uncover even the stealthiest threats.

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Lauren Horaist

Security Intelligence Product Marketing

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QRadar Offering Manager

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