Open Heart Security: Reconstructing Your Protection Strategy

In the wake of the disclosure of the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability in April, your company’s security strategy may have skipped a beat. Join us to learn more about the ramifications and recovery from Heartbleed as experts from IBM X-Force share findings from the latest IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly 3Q report.

Join the webinar to learn more about:

  • The Immediate Aftermath of Heartbleed: Just one day after the disclosure, IBM Managed Security Services (MSS) witnessed attacks on customer networks spiking to 300,000 attacks in a 24-hour period. Find out why, despite a patch being issued, attacks are still ongoing.
  • One-Day Attacks: For one-day attacks, the goal of the attacker is to take advantage of the exposure window of organizations between when the patches are announced and when the patches are actually deployed. Learn what steps you can take to prepare your network.
  • Declining Vulnerability Disclosures: Vulnerability disclosures in the first half of 2014 are down compared to prior years. For those that were reported, like Heartbleed, the current CVSS v2 standard doesn’t necessarily reflect the actual risk the vulnerability may pose. Learn how the industry is adapting to assess these risks more accurately.
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