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Optimize Your SOC: The Next-Gen SOC Powered by IBM’s Cognitive Capabilities

Organizations rely heavily on cybersecurity analysts to protect themselves from cyberattacks. With the traditional approach of threat monitoring and investigation, analysts may run the risk of missing the true indicators of compromise or not having sufficient time to deal with legitimate security threats. So what should organizations do to overcome this challenge?

Adding cognitive capabilities to the IBM QRadar SIEM platform augments the analysts’ investigation to increase intelligence, speed and accuracy of security investigations. QRadar Advisor with Watson provides automated insights on an incident by correlating data from structured data sources, such as threat intelligence feeds, as well as unstructured data sources in the form of security blogs, research articles and more.

The IBM QRadar Machine Learning app helps systems learn the expected behavior of users’ inside the network to identify anomalous behavior. Furthermore, IBM QRadar Assistant App provides helpful information about your SIEM implementation, keeping analysts focused on threats instead of housekeeping.

Join the webinar to learn:

  • How you can augment your cybersecurity analysts with cognitive security from IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson
  • The benefits of machine learning with the Machine Learning Analytics app
  • How to ensure top performance for your SIEM with the IBM QRadar Assistant app

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