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Orchestrate Your Security Defenses: Why Advanced Threats Require More From Your Network Security Solution

The nature of today’s advanced threats means that organizations can no longer rely on traditional methods to secure their networks.  Whether threats come in through the front door – your firewall and IPS – or from the inside, such as through an infected mobile device, your network security should be up to the challenge.  For most, that means moving away from pattern-matching based solutions that look at ingress/egress traffic.  It’s time for organizations to move toward network security solutions that focus on behavior-based analysis, and can include lateral network movement in their protection scheme.

Additionally, security-minded organizations are utilizing real-time flow and event data collected by network security devices to their advantage.  Used to enrich other sources of data, this information can speed the time to threat identification, prioritize response and ultimately put threat intelligence into immediate action.

View this on-demand webinar to hear from IBM Security experts and learn:

  • How the IBM Security Operations and Response architecture can help you identify and response to threats faster
  • Why fundamental network security controls are still the bedrock of an effective security program, but should include next-generation capabilities
  • How integration between security solutions enables organizations to put threat intelligence into immediate action
Featured Speakers

Paul Griswold

Program Director, Strategy & Offering Management, Threat Protection & X-Force

IBM Security