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Orchestrate Your Security Defenses with Threat Intelligence

Although the majority of organizations subscribe to threat intelligence feeds to enhance their security decision making, it’s difficult to take full advantage of true insights due to the overwhelming amounts of information available. Even with an integrated security operations portfolio to identify and respond to threats, many companies don’t take full advantage of the benefits of external context that threat intelligence brings to identify true indicators of compromise. By taking advantage of both machine- and human-generated indicators within a collaborative threat intelligence platform, security analysts can streamline investigations and speed the time to action.

Join this webinar to hear the Chief Technology Officer perspective on:

  • How the IBM Security Operations and Response architecture can help you identify and response to threats faster
  • Why threat intelligence is a fundamental component of security investigations
  • How to seamlessly integrate threat intelligence into existing security solutions for immediate action

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Barny Sanchez

Chief Technology Officer, Threat Intelligence

IBM Security

Christian Falco

Offering Manager

IBM Security