How to Make Application Security a Strategically Managed Discipline

March 9, 2016 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST

Ponemon Institute’s Key Findings from 2016 Application Security Risk Management Study

The mere term “application security risk management” prompts a cold chill to go down the backs of many IT Security professionals. That’s because most organizations realize that they can manage risk more effectively, but they often lack the skill-sets, budgets and/or executive buy-in to pursue a proactive risk management approach.

In this session, Larry Ponemon of the Ponemon Institute and Neil Jones from IBM present findings of a brand-new independent study, which separates the current reality of organizations’ application security risk management activities from “urban legends” often associated with the topic.

Watch the on-demand webinar

We focus on the following areas during this exclusive webinar:

  • Rapidly-evolving application threat landscape
  • Management support and funding for Application Security initiatives
  • Stark reality of Application Security risk management for today’s organizations
  • Internal roadblocks to Application Security excellence
  • Positive signs for the future

A copy of the study is posted here for your reference.Also, please review and share the following blog, which provides you with a convenient overview of our survey findings.

Dr. Larry Ponemon

Chairman and Founder
Ponemon Institute


Neil Jones
Market Segment Manager, Application Security
IBM Security