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Protect Your Organization: Know Your Users, Know Your Data

In a complex world of ever increasing threats, sometimes the simplest solution remains the best. In this case, knowing your users and knowing your data. To protect your organization, remain secure and remain compliant, it is critical to have a deep understanding of your users and your data including the ability to answer questions like:

  • Where is your sensitive data?
  • What are your crown jewels?
  • Who has interacted with that data and when?
  • Who has access to sensitive data?
  • Do your users have the proper access?
  • Do your users have unnecessary access?

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View this on-demand webinar to learn how you can answer these questions from IBM’s Data Security and Identity and Access Management experts, as well as dive into the topics of insider threat, privileged identity management, identity governance, data activity monitoring and more.

Christina Thompson
Product Marketing
IBM Security



Nick Oropall
Market Segment Manager
IBM Security