Protecting Your Most Critical Data – The Top 6 Challenges You May Be Facing & How to Address Them

February 15, 2017 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST

It seems that every week we hear about another high profile data breach compromising sensitive & critical data. Forward-thinking organizations are taking a stand and building critical data protection programs, and many are starting by leveraging the industry-leading IBM Security Guardium solution.  However, even with the best technology, clients are still struggling with common industry challenges that leave their critical data protection programs at risk.

This webinar will feature IBM Data Security Services experts as they share the 6 most common critical data industry challenges they encounter when working with clients around the globe, as well as best practices for addressing them. Additionally, they will highlight a recently released managed service, specifically designed to help clients protect their most valuable data and get the most out of their Guardium investment. IBM Managed Data Protection Services for Guardium provides clients with their very own team of security experts with in-depth knowledge of industry-leading data protection processes.

Learn how you can put this dream team to work for you in new and intriguing ways to address your critical data risk.

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Chuck DeLouis

Product Manager - Security Services

Thad Mann

Global BDE - Data & Application Security