Red Con 2020

August 20, 2020 from 02:00 AM – 06:00 AM ET
Virtual Event

Go behind closed doors with the team at X-Force Red, IBM Security’s team of hackers. X-Force Red hackers have found a new zero-day vulnerability that could put millions of internet-connected devices at risk of a compromise, and they want you to know about it so you can combat it.

In addition to the new zero-day research, the team will be showcasing new attack tools and techniques, all built by X-Force Red’s hackers, that can help you discover high risk vulnerabilities. The also team invites you to watch in-depth technical and executive sessions presented by the team’s senior hackers covering topics such as:

  • New attack tools and techniques, built by X-Force Red’s hackers, and how they can be used to discover high risk vulnerabilities
  • A dissection of recent well-known and not-so-well-known data breaches and how the attackers achieved their objectives
  • Common attack techniques and tools used to compromise Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)
  • How the threat and vulnerability landscape has shifted due to remote work
  • Research about the state of vulnerability management on-premises and in the cloud
  • Tools used by live streaming companies that may be putting them in danger of a compromise

Register for Red Con 2020 and attend sessions such as:

A Whole New Security World, with speaker Charles Henderson, Global Head and Managing Partner, X-Force Red

Since COVID-19 began, the security landscape has changed significantly. The workforce has transitioned to a full-time remote environment, which has caused new and old vulnerabilities and threats to arise. New applications, designed to enable a remote workforce, have been introduced. Personal devices are being used for work purposes. And corporate devices are connecting to home, and potentially vulnerable, networks. Which threats and vulnerabilities should security leaders look out for? And, how can they minimize risk in this whole new world? X-Force Red’s Global Head, Managing Partner and veteran hacker will explain.

Dear IoT, I Know What You Did Last Summer, with speakers Adam Laurie, Associate Partner, Global Hardware Hacking Expert, X-Force Red, and Grzegorz Wypych, Hacker, X-Force Red

X-Force Red researchers Adam Laurie (a.k.a. Major Malfunction) and Grzegorz Wypych have uncovered a zero-day vulnerability that could potentially impact millions of internet-connected devices, many of which are inside global organizations across all industries. Join their presentation – Dear IoT, I Know What You Did Last Summer – where they will unveil the research for the first time.

Throwing an AquaWrench into the Kernel, with speaker Ruben Boonen, Hacker, X-Force Red

Current versions of Windows offer several security features that do a great job of mitigating attacker tradecraft. Protections such as protected processes, device guard and application guard allow you to lock down a Windows endpoint so that when properly configured, even with administrative access, you’d have a hard time making progress. One avenue of attack against these modern defenses is to attack the kernel directly, which is where AquaWrench comes in. AquaWrench allows X-Force Red to load a vulnerable driver and leverage it to manipulate the kernel. In this talk we’ll demonstrate how X-Force Red uses AquaWrench to disable driver signing, remove protection from processes, and modify or disable monitoring on the endpoint.

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Full Agenda:


Charles Henderson

Managing Partner & Global Head of X-Force Red

Adam Laurie

Associate Partner, Global Hardware Hacking Expert, X-Force Red

Grzegorz Wypych

Hacker, X-Force Red

Ruben Boonen

Hacker, X-Force Red