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ROCK Your SOC (Security Operations Center) with Watson for Cyber Security

In today’s threat environment, given the sophistication and increase in cyber-attacks, security analysts must investigate and accurately identify threats on a daily basis to detect and stop threats in time before damage is caused. During an investigation, analysts need to pivot on multiple data sources such as threat feeds, security blogs, research articles, talking to peers and more. It can quickly become overwhelming when an analyst needs to investigate each incident in 20 minutes or less just to keep up with current alerts. Inaccuracies can creep in while they are simultaneously navigating and correlating information from multiple sources.

With the cognitive power of Watson for Cyber Security, analysts can now use QRadar Advisor with Watson to investigate incidents compiled by the QRadar security analytics platform and provide key insights to qualify and identify root cause of the incident.

Watch this webinar to see how a Tier 1 and Tier 2 SOC analyst uses QRadar Advisor with Watson to accurately identify and understand threats at speed and scale. See the complete lifecycle of an investigation in the SOC from when an offense is compiled by QRadar security analytics platform to how you can use the results from the investigation from Watson to shutdown threats.

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