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Securing the Cloud: How to Gain Visibility & Insight into Advanced Threats

Experts predict that by 2020, more than 80 percent of enterprise workloads will be in cloud. With this rapid cloud adoption as well as the proliferation of shadow IT, organizations find themselves continuously challenged to gain visibility into what’s happening, and most importantly, how to proactively and effectively protect their data and workloads.

QRadar is uniquely positioned to provide security analytics for both on-premises and multi-cloud environments, all from a single solution. With QRadar, you can gain visibility and insight into advanced threats in the cloud and leverage user behavior analytics and AI for deeper insights.

During this live webinar, you will learn:

  • How to enhance your cloud security and visibility to rapidly detect threats and uncover activities – on premises and in the cloud
  • Why you need to detect and remediate common cloud misconfigurations
  • How to rapidly implement cloud security best practices across multiple cloud deployments


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Christopher Collard

Offering Manager QRadar SaaS Cloud and MSS

IBM Security

Patrick Routh

QRadar Offering Manager - Cloud Initiatives

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