Show Your Endpoints Some Strategic Love

February 13, 2018 from 04:00 PM – 05:00 PM UTC

Are your endpoints feeling the love? How are you addressing the constant barrage of new endpoint vulnerabilities and threats? Are your endpoints out of compliance with your regulatory and corporate policies? How do you know which patches to prioritize and apply? How much time do you spend repatching because you weren’t 100 percent successful on the first try? Finally, how quickly can you get information on the status of your endpoints and how confident are you that the information is accurate and up to date?

Increasingly, endpoints are a key target for attack, yet managing and securing them can be difficult. IT security teams are responsible for identifying endpoint vulnerabilities and prioritizing remediation efforts, but they can’t execute any changes on the endpoints. What’s worse, they frequently don’t have access to accurate, real-time endpoint data to make informed decisions. Likewise, IT infrastructure teams have the responsibility of making all changes on endpoints, but they are overwhelmed with the volume of constant changes and don’t have insights into the level of risk, so it’s hard for them to prioritize endpoint management activities.

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  • Why endpoint management is critical to your overall security strategy;
  • Steps you can take to improve endpoint management and security; and
  • How IT security and infrastructure teams can better collaborate to reduce risk.

Teresa Worth

Worldwide Portfolio Product Marketing Manager for Endpoint Security

Mark Phinick

Global Business Unit Executive, IBM Endpoint Security