On-Demand Webinar

Supersized Security Threats – Can You Stop 2016 from Repeating?

2016 was a year in which everything was bigger – bigger breaches,  larger attacks, and bigger repercussions. Whether it was the evolution of DDoS attacks into the record-shattering Mirai botnet that disrupted large portions of the internet or insidious commercial banking Trojans available for sale as ready-made malware kits, the tone of cyberattacks darkened in 2016 while illuminating one key fact: many companies are not applying basic security fundamentals to their IT environments.

View this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The top-level security trends from 2016, and what it could mean for 2017, including the political and intellectual property concerns stemming from large-scale data leaks
  • Why classic attack vectors continue to be a weapon of choice for those seeking to disrupt operations and steal data
  • Why a lower attack rate for the average security client may not be good news
  • What steps your organization can take to protect against these attacks
Featured Speakers

Limor Kessem

Executive Security Advisor

IBM Security

Michelle Alvarez

Threat Researcher

IBM Security