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Tackling Complexity: 3 Tips for Effective Endpoint Security

Remote locations, limited bandwidth, and network connectivity issues complicate efforts to discover and report endpoint hygiene data. Inconsistent or manual patching often results in persistent, unidentified vulnerabilities and non-compliant endpoints. Use of multiple, non-integrated tools to gather information, assess threats, make remediation recommendations, and enforce compliance increase time and effort to achieve endpoint security.

But there’s a way to tackle these complications: IBM BigFix.

BigFix offers IT Security and IT Operations teams a common platform with integrated security solutions that simplify endpoint security. With BigFix, you can see, understand and act on endpoint threats. Fast.

View on-demand recording to learn how you can:

  • Discover and audit all endpoints and detect malicious behavior in context
  • Investigate attacks, prioritize vulnerabilities, and decide how to contain and remediate them quickly (with guided navigation)
  • Roll out updates and patches to proactively prevent attacks, reduce attack surface, and pass more audits
  • Share endpoint data using a common platform

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Ashwin Manekar

Senior Product Manager

IBM Security